We Have Openings!!!

As of October 23rd 2018 we have the following openings in our full time learning center:

*1 opening for a 3 year old

*2 openings for a young 4 year old (birthday before Jan)

*1 openings for a 4/5 year old

In our Part time Preschool (8:45-11:30) we have the following openings:

*1 T/Th opening for a 3 year old (was 3 by Sept 1st)

*2 M/W/F openings for a 4 year old

*3 M-F openings for a 4/5 year old who will attend Kindergarten next year

All of these openings are first come first served so please give us a call at 913-829-0739 for rates and up to date availability! We would love for your family to become part of our Little Treasures Family!

Current Openings

As of March 5th these are the openings that we will have available for next August:                           Toddler Blue (2 years) -  3 spots  Young 3's - 1 spot                                   3 year olds - 2 spots                      Young 4's - 2                                         4-5 years old - 9 spots              Openings change quickly. Please call the Little Treasures office for the most up to date information on openings at 913-829-0739.

For preschool openings, please see the Preschool News Page.